Geothermal Company

Income Statement

 2012 Y2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Q3 YTD
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(in thousands)     
Electricity 314,894329,747382,301375,920321,664
Product 186,879203,492177,223218,724174,408
Total revenues 501,773533,239559,524594,644496,072
Cost of revenues 
Electricity 237,415232,874246,630242,612192,410
Product 135,346140,547109,143133,75399,504
Total cost of revenues 372,761373,421355,773376,365291,914
Gross margin 129,012159,818203,751218,279204,158
Operating expenses 
Research and development 6,1084,9657831,7802,030
Selling and marketing expenses 15,71824,61315,42516,07712,136
General and administrative expenses 28,06629,18828,61434,78236,625
Impairment charge 236,377NANANANA
Write-off of unsuccessful exploration activities 2,6394,09415,4391,5792,714
Operating income (159,896)96,958143,490164,061150,653
Other income (expense) 
Interest income 1,2011,332312297831
Interest expense, net (64,069)(73,776)(84,654)(72,577)(51,561)
Derivatives and foreign currency transaction gains (losses) 2425,085(5,839)(1,622)(2,592)
Income attributable to sale of tax benefits 10,12719,94524,14325,43112,380
Gain from sale of property, plant and equipment 007,6280NA
Other non-operating income (expense), net 5901,592756(1,991)(5,306)
Income from continuing operations before income taxes and equity in losses of investees (211,805)51,13685,836113,599104,405
Income tax (provision) (1,827)(13,552)(27,608)15,258(29,387)
Equity in losses of investees (2,522)(250)(3,213)(5,508)(4,734)
Income from continuing operations (216,154)37,33455,015123,34970,284
Discontinued operations 
Income from discontinued operations (including gain on disposal) 4,8115,31100NA
Income tax provision (1,264)(614)00NA
Total income from discontinued operations 3,5474,69700NA
Net income attributable to noncontrolling interest (414)(793)(833)(3,776)(4,584)
Net income attributable to the Company's stockholders (213,021)41,23854,182119,57365,700
Comprehensive income 
Net income (212,607)42,03155,015123,34970,284
Other comprehensive income (loss), net of related taxes 
Change in unrealized gains or losses in respect of the Company's share in derivatives instruments of unconsolidated investment 00(8,112)1,028(3,829)
Loss in respect of derivative instruments designated for cash flow hedge 00(902)9165
Amortization of unrealized gains in respect of derivative instruments designated for cash flow hedge (190)(164)(141)(118)(72)
Change in unrealized gains or losses on marketable securities available-for-sale 246NANANANA
Comprehensive income (212,551)41,86745,860124,35066,448
Comprehensive income attributable to noncontrolling interest (414)(793)(833)(3,776)(4,584)
Comprehensive income attributable to the Company's stockholders (212,965)41,07445,027120,57461,864
Earnings per share attributable to the Company's stockholders 
Income from continuing operations (4.77)0.811.192.46NA
Discontinued operations 0.080.100NA
Net income (4.69)0.911.192.461.33
Income from continuing operations (4.77)0.811.182.43NA
Discontinued operations 0.080.100NA
Net income (4.69)0.911.182.431.31
Weighted average number of shares used in computation of earnings per share attributable to the Company's stockholders 
Basic 45,43145,44045,50848,56249,410
Diluted 45,43145,47545,85949,18750,097
Dividend per share declared

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