Geothermal Company

Balance Sheet

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(in thousands)     
Current assets 
Cash and cash equivalents 66,62857,35440,230185,91990,066
Short-term bank deposit 3,010NANANANA
Restricted cash and cash equivalents (all related to VIEs) 76,53751,06593,24849,50350,525
Trade 55,68095,36548,60955,30165,198
Related entity 373442451NANA
Other 8,63211,04910,1417,88513,645
Due from Parent 3113821,337NANA
Inventories 20,66922,28916,93018,07412,973
Costs and estimated earnings in excess of billings on uncompleted contracts 9,61321,21727,79325,12038,025
Deferred income taxes 637523251NANA
Prepaid expenses and other 34,14429,65434,88433,33438,940
Total current assets 276,234289,340273,874375,136309,372
Unconsolidated investments 2,5917,076NANANA
Deposits and other 36,18722,11420,04417,96818,738
Deferred income taxes 21,283891NANANA
Deferred charges 35,35136,73837,56742,81140,690
Property, plant and equipment 1,252,8731,452,3361,437,6371,559,3351,570,307
Construction-in-process 396,141288,827296,722248,835271,853
Deferred financing and lease costs, net 31,37130,17827,0574,0225,188
Intangible assets, net 35,49231,93328,65525,87556,052
Goodwill NANANA07,071
Total assets 2,087,5232,159,4332,121,5562,273,9822,279,271
Current liabilities 
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 98,00198,04788,27691,955102,854
Deferred income taxes 20,3920974NANA
Short term revolving credit lines with banks (full recourse) NA020,300NANA
Billings in excess of costs and estimated earnings on uncompleted contracts 25,4087,90324,72433,89237,134
Current portion of long-term debt 
Limited and non-recourse (all related to VIEs) 
Senior secured notes 11,45331,13734,36829,93028,121
Other loans NANANA21,49521,494
Full recourse 28,64928,87519,11611,22912,302
Total current liabilities 212,134186,339205,753188,501201,905
Long-term debt, net of current portion 
Limited and non-recourse (all related to VIEs) 
Senior secured notes 312,926270,310360,366294,476273,017
Other loans 242,81520,37717,995275,888267,210
Full recourse 
Senior unsecured bonds NANANA249,698203,483
Senior unsecured bonds (plus unamortized premium) 250,904250,596250,289NANA
Other loans 82,34453,46734,35118,68712,373
Revolving credit lines with banks (full recourse) 73,606112,017NANANA
Unconsolidated investments NA0NANANA
Reedemable noncontrolling interest NANANA04,972
Accumulated losses of unconsolidated company in excess of investment NANA3,6178,10016,664
Liability associated with sale of tax benefits 51,12660,98539,02111,6651,043
Deferred lease income 66,39863,49660,56058,09955,460
Deferred income taxes 45,05955,03566,22032,65434,961
Liability for unrecognized tax benefits 7,2804,9507,51110,38510,260
Liabilities for severance pay 22,88723,84120,39919,32319,020
Asset retirement obligation 19,28918,67919,14220,85622,099
Other long-term liabilities 5,1483,5292,9561,77620,862
Total liabilities 1,391,9161,414,3221,334,8101,190,1081,138,357
The Company's stockholders' equity 
Common stock 4646464950
Additional paid-in capital 732,140735,295742,006849,223859,855
Retained earnings (44,326)(3,088)41,539148,396191,627
Accumulated other comprehensive income 651487(8,668)(7,667)(11,503)
Total 688,511732,740774,923990,0011,040,029
Noncontrolling interest 7,09612,37111,82393,87395,913
Total equity 695,607745,111786,7461,083,8741,135,942
Total liabilities and equity 2,087,5232,159,4332,121,5562,273,9822,279,271

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